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We are passionate about helping teachers be even better every day through an international education approach!

New Zealand


Lead Learner

Rob is a National Board Certified Teacher with extensive experience in teaching and leading in schools. He currently serves as a school district administrator focused on supporting the learning of all adults within schools.

Rob has experience as both an American educator and an international educational researcher.

Rob holds a doctorate degree in education and has used his learning from his doctoral studies to both qualitatively and quantitatively compare education systems around the world. His passion is exploring and learning from different education systems to find new ideas and perspectives to bring back to American schools.


Tour Director

Amber is an engineer by trade with a passion for travel and photography. She's designed and hosted travel experiences all around the world and is always looking for new places to explore.

Amber is known for her attention to detail and the heart and energy she puts into designing travel experiences for people. When she travels, she embeds herself into the local culture and people. Her passion is traveling in ways that gets her close to the locals and away from tourists. She loves new foods, cultural experiences, and places that give her opportunities to snap the perfect photo.

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