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Global Professional Learning

Our professional learning experiences are like nothing educators have experienced before!
"What practices work best in education?" and "How do I better implement those practices in my own school and classroom?"

Our program is built around those two questions. We learn from educational research to determine the most impactful teaching and leadership practices. After we celebrate how each of us is already implementing some or all of those practices, we learn new ways to implement those practices by analyzing how educators in different schools and classrooms are implementing the practices in their unique settings.
During our tour we see our learning in practice, experience their culture, embed ourselves in their schools, reflect on our own practices, and expand our professional networks with their educators. This capstone travel experience gives our explorers the time, space, and creative outlet to discover new ways to get even better at their profession!
Our Deep Comparison Method includes broad comparisons between the US and another country, and then deepens the comparison and learning with each step. As we tour schools in our comparison country, we reflect on our own schools and classrooms, and we make commitments to implement changes in our own practices. 


Our Explorers:

  • Learn from educational research to find the most impactful practices

  • Explore another education system to operationalize impactful teaching practices

  • Synthesize our learning into simple, easy to implement strategies

  • Share our learning with our peers and professional networks

... And we have fun while learning!

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New Zealand 2023
Teaching to ALL Identities

An incredible professional learning travel tour designed specifically for teachers who are curious about personalizing learning across student identities.

Registration closes on

March 10, 2023

TBD 2024

Country and time of year is not determined yet. Check back in late 2023. 

TBD 2025

Country and time of year is not determined yet. Check back in late 2023. 

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